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When you run an event, you want it to go smoothly. You don’t want to be distracted with technical or administrative issues, but you do want the participants to have a good experience so they can get as much from the event as possible. Streamlined Communication’s event services will help you achieve this.

What You Get

  • Assistance from expert technicians in setting up your event. This includes a project manager to help you design your event.
  • Specially trained operators on the day of your event. They will greet your participants and help them connect to the event.
  • The operators will monitor the event to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • During the event the operators will also offer support to you and the participants.

Your Options

  • Audio event – run an audio event that is fully managed and supported by our project managers and expert team of operators. We use unified communication solutions so your participants just need a phone to join. They can access the event from anywhere in the world, and your specially assigned operator will help them connect. This keeps the event secure while ensuring none of the participants miss anything. You can take advantage of this service for events with tens of participants to those with several hundred, as it is both flexible and scalable.
  • Web event – you can also choose to incorporate video in your event, creating a visual as well as audio experience. This will allow participants to see you and others, plus it gives you the opportunity to present, demonstrate, and show ideas in addition to explaining them. As with an audio-only event, your web event will be supported by a project manager in the planning stages, and then by trained operators on the day of the event. They will help users to access and join, as well as presenting a professional image for your company.

Flexible And Scalable

Managed and operator assisted events are applicable to many situations. We can help all of the participants in your event, even those with limited technical abilities. We take that headache away from you.

Event services are perfect for:

  • Presenting information to shareholders or board members
  • Presenting to investors
  • Holding shareholder or board meetings
  • Product training
  • Product launches
  • Induction programmes for new employees
  • Crisis management meetings
  • Press events
  • And more

How It Works

You will be assigned a project manager who will help you set up your event. This includes customising welcome messages, URLs, and telephone numbers. We will also set up the security of your event, protecting it with pin codes where necessary. We will also help you build in interactivity, including live chat, surveys, and question-and-answer sessions.

Before the event begins, our operators will be on hand to welcome your participants, and get them access to the event. You don’t have to worry about this part of the process as we handle everything. Our operators will continue that support until the event has ended.

Once the event is over, you will have access to statistics and information that you can use to measure the event’s outcomes.

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