• Adobe SolutionDeliver compelling, memorable online events to engage up to 1,500 participants on any device, any time

Adobe’s webcast solution is called Adobe Connect. It is an established and feature-packed platform that allows you to create attractive, powerful, and interactive webcasts. This includes corporate communications, staff communications, training events, product launches, client demonstrations, and more. It is a versatile solution that works on all devices, and it is secure.

Adobe By Streamlined Communications

As an approved partner, Streamlined Communications employs a number of Adobe Connect specialists. Our team has considerable experience in deploying, optimising, and supporting Adobe Connect in businesses of all sizes. This includes SMEs that have customers and suppliers in other parts of the world, and large corporations with international reach and worldwide personnel. If you want an Adobe Connect solution that meets the needs of your business, we can help.

Adobe Connect Features

  • Unlimited events – whatever type of webcast you are creating
  • Multiple participants – get a solution that will reach the audience that you need
  • Mobile-friendly – you can host and present your webcast on a mobile device, and your audience can watch the webcast on their mobiles
  • No downloads – to increase audience participation, users can access your webcasts on desktop computers without having to download any software
  • Interactive and multimedia – include a range of different features in your webcast to enhance the user experience, including interactive features such as quizzes and surveys
  • Presentation features – share files with participants, use a whiteboard, and more
  • Edit – record and edit the webcast before you publish, using a comprehensive range of editing tools
  • Security – Adobe Connect has built-in security features that include giving you the ability to control the access and visibility of individual members of your audience in live scenarios
  • Marketing tools – including registration forms, reminder emails for audience members, and reports
  • Integration – an API is available so you can integrate Adobe Connect with your current systems

Adobe Connect Benefits

Adobe Connect works on all devices so you can maximise the reach of your webcasts. At Streamlined Communications we can tailor the solution for your business, while building in flexibility so that it can scale and adapt as the needs of your business change, develop and grow. The audio and video is high quality, and you will get a range of tools that will help you engage your audience and get them interacting with your webcast.

You will save time and resources as users will be able to view your webcast from anywhere in the world. The image that will be presented of your company will be professional, as the webcast can be fully branded. This will enhance your business and help with your marketing efforts.

In addition, you get the peace of mind offered by a software manufacturer such as Adobe. You know they employ some of the best security experts in the world; plus, you can have confidence that they will continually improve and develop the system. Combine that with the service, optimisation, and integration options that we offer at Streamlined Communications, and you will get the best possible webcast solution for your budget.

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