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Virtual Meetings – What Happens When Network Infrastructure And Features Combine

ARTICLES - 19/11/2016 TAGS: Technology Comment(s) 0

Video conferencing and audio conferencing solutions allow virtual meetings to take place between participants anywhere in the world – in theory. The reality is that numerous obstacles and barriers stand between your organisation and a smooth virtual meeting experience. They include everything from internet connection speeds to device compatibility problems and platform integration.

Unified communications offers the potential for a solution, but it is a term that more often than not describes a concept rather than a thing. It is an umbrella phrase used to explain processes, applications, and infrastructure working together. Issues arise whenever any one of these things trips over. Organisations and businesses trying to achieve true interoperable and seamless worldwide communications struggle with this every day.

That’s why the Jamvee Unified Conferencing solution from Tata Communications is such a game-changer. At Streamlined Communications we have seen clients from all industries and of all sizes achieve real results because Jamvee covers all bases – process, software, and network.

Here is an example: Skype for Business is a powerful, feature-packed video conferencing solution designed for businesses. However, connecting Skype for Business users with non-users is almost impossible. Integrating Skype for Business with Jamvee makes it happen – all connectivity barriers are removed so users can connect regardless of system, hardware, or software. This is true interoperability, and true unified communications.


Jamvee makes system APIs available to partners such as Streamlined Communications, which allows us to fully integrate the solution with your current tools and systems. In addition, they built the platform using standard protocols, making seamless integrations more achievable.


The Jamvee platform also offers true interoperability. That is a word that you will hear a lot when looking at unified communication solutions, video conferencing, and audio conferencing. It means different things depending on the provider, but for Jamvee it means the following:

  • Operates with the main software and hardware systems in the world – this includes most web browsers and apps, as well as solutions from leading technology companies such as Cisco or Microsoft
  • Operates on any device – this includes the now standard desktop, tablet, and mobile functionality, but Jamvee also works with new and legacy video conferencing room systems, as well as standard, audio-only, plug-into-the-wall phones
  • Uses standard protocols – interoperability is further achieved because Jamvee supports established standards in audio and video communication, such as HTML5 and VP8


This is the part of the Jamvee offering that really makes it stand out from the rest. Jamvee is a Tata Communications solution which is delivered by Tata’s cloud. That brings many benefits, including the fact that users can connect quickly and easily without the need for software downloads. Also, cloud-based solutions mean you don’t have any hardware or infrastructure headaches to worry about, and enhancements and product updates are made available immediately. The benefits go further than this, though.

Tata Communications is a telecoms company and internet service provider that hosts 24 percent of the world’s internet routes. It operates a global tier 1 network and is one of the world’s largest carriers of internet traffic. The Jamvee Unified Conferencing solution is delivered on this network.

Jamvee is therefore unique in the fields of audio and video conferencing. As a user, you will get a solution that works: employees can bring their own devices, you can connect with a customer who has their own video conferencing system, and you can do it all with high definition video and clear audio that zips around the world on Tata’s tier 1 fibre network.

They say the world is getting smaller. With Streamlined Communications’ Jamvee solution, it is better connected.

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