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Communication is essential to organisations of all sizes. This includes communication with employees in your main office and in locations around the world. It also includes communication with existing and potential customers, many of whom might also be located in a different geographical location. It also includes communication with other key stakeholders and participants, such as shareholders, directors, executives, contractors, and suppliers.

The problem is communication and collaboration is costly. Travel expenses add up quickly, and time spent away from the normal work environment impacts productivity levels.

Until recently, technical solutions that helped to reduce those costs and improve productivity contained flaws and holes. Systems didn’t integrate, compatibility issues were widespread, and connections were unreliable. Users lost trust due to the uphill communications battle that they encountered every day.

Streamlined Communications Solves ALL These Problems

At Streamlined Communications, we work with the world’s leading platform providers to deliver unified communications solutions to businesses and organisations in all industries. This allows you to harness the full potential of your talent, making your employees around the world feel like they are across the hall. You will get closer to more potential customers without leaving your base, and you will increase productivity by improving task management, reporting, and communication with key individuals and teams.

Regardless of your organisation’s size or industry, Streamlined Communications can provide a conferencing solution that will boost corporate collaboration and achieve a level of success that is otherwise unachievable when your brightest minds are scattered around the globe. You don’t have to settle for solutions that fail any longer.

Let Streamlined Communications make your team as strong as it can be.

Giving Back

At Streamlined Communications, we understand there is more to life than just business. We strive to be responsible and generous members of our community. In an effort to meet these goals, Streamlined Communications offers a unique option to our clients. We can donate up to 10% of your bill to a charity of your choice. Together we can make a difference beyond business.


At Streamlined Communications, we can design and deploy a tailored communications, audio and video conferencing solution for your business. We work with businesses of all sizes and in all industries. We are able to do this because we are not restricted to one particular provider. Instead we offer integrated solutions from a range of different partners, including world leaders in audio and video conferencing: Tata Communications, Cisco, Adobe, Microsoft, and ON24.

This is known as unified communications when real-time communication, like audio conferencing, video conferencing, and instant messaging, are integrated with non-real-time communications (email, SMS etc.). We make this happen across devices and regardless of platform.

To make this solution cost effective and to ensure you get the best possible support, we deliver this as a service, helping you with implementation, customisation, training, ongoing support, and future expansion.

Streamlined Communications brings people together, anywhere in the world. We overcome technical challenges. We make high quality audio and video conferencing possible. We make communications work.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Do you need to communicate with individuals and teams in different cities, regions, countries, or continents?
  • Do you want to improve communication, collaboration, and productivity in your organisation through unified communications?
  • Do you want a system with minimal capital expenditure, low commitment, and reasonable costs (i.e. unified communications as a service, rather than a product)?
  • Do you think you are paying too much for your existing conferencing solution, or are you spending too much time and resources managing it and trying to make it work?
  • Do you want to reach more customers or collaborate more widely without increasing your staffing or travel costs?
  • Do you want to offer your customers audio or video conferencing solutions or unified communications solutions?

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