• Bluejeans Prime-TimeBlueJeans Primetime events reinvents town hall meetings

BlueJeans Primetime events reinvents town hall meetings and all hands events by blending the interactivity and engagement of a video meeting with the reach and quality of a webcast.

How it works

Live stream interactive video to thousands and select remote viewers to participate with one click. BlueJeans Primetime events merge the best of live video conferencing, content sharing, and live streaming capabilities into a single, easy-to-use service that connects and engages everyone.

Get everything you need to live stream an all hands event, webcast, or webinar

Event Assist

White glove support ensures your event goes off without a hitch.

Make every town hall meeting or webinar run smoothly

Moderator Controls

Make your event go smoothly with easy, master control access.

Take advantage of the latest live streaming features for your all hands meetings

Bandwidth Management

One stream serves hundreds of on-network attendees.

Interact with fellow town hall video meeting attendees

Event Chat Q&A

Coordinate in-event attendee messaging and facilitate presenter questions.

Live stream your all hands meeting from the security of the cloud

Event Cloud Recording

Capture entire events for future playback and sharing.

Protect your webcast event and ensure a successful all hands meeting

Secure Attendance

Protect your all hands event content with end-to-end encryption & SSO support.

We’ll be your partner in executing your all hands meetings

Make your next town hall meeting or event more professional, engaging, and effective. See how BlueJeans can successfully support the live streaming of your all hands events from start to finish.

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