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Cisco Spark Board

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All-in-one device for team collaboration

With the Cisco Spark Board, you can wirelessly present, white board, and video or audio conference – everything you need for team collaboration, all at the touch of a finger. And you can use the Cisco Spark app to connect to your virtual teams outside the physical room, through the devices of your choice.


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Designed with you in mind

Enjoy an easy-to-use, touch-based, high-quality collaboration experience on Cisco Spark Board, which integrates the most common tools needed for team collaboration in physical meeting rooms into a single, elegant device.

Connect with your virtual teams through Cisco Spark app

Everything created on the Cisco Spark Board can be stored in the cloud and associated with a virtual room. Using the Cisco Spark app, team members can pick up wherever they left off in the physical room, and continue working wherever they want.

cisco park

cisco park

Intelligently anticipates your needs

The Cisco Spark Board automatically wakes up when you enter the room, detects your Cisco Spark app-supported device, and suggests an activity to choose from, such as call, white board or wirelessly share your presentation. The app also gives you basic control of the Cisco Spark Board through your mobile device.

Intelligent camera delivers a natural viewing experience

Our powerful 4K camera captures a high-resolution, wide-angle image of virtually the entire room. Dynamic framing gives you the best possible view of people in the room.

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cisco park

Intelligent microphones create crisp, clear audio

A 12-microphone array automatically amplifies and modulates speaker voices so meeting participants sound great, even those at the far end of the room. Built-in microphones keep tables clear of wires.

The Cisco Spark Board in detail

Cisco Spark Board 55

  • Screen: 55" edge LED LCD
  • Camera: +/- 86 degree viewing angle
  • Capacitive touch
  • 12-element microphone array
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Cisco Spark Board "All Aboard" Service

Put your new Cisco Spark Board to work and unlock the value of in-room and virtual collaboration for your organization.

Cisco Spark use case library

See how Cisco Spark Board can be used in a full collaboration lifecycle with examples from our use case library.

Quick-start education

Accelerate onboarding with Cisco Spark experts through videos, live sessions, and help room support.


Increase the use of Cisco Spark Board across your organization.


Help your organization stay informed about new Cisco Spark Board capabilities and locations.