• Large EnterpriseProviding you with complete end to end professional conferencing solutions under one roof.

Implementing audio conferencing, video conferencing, or unified communications solutions in corporate environments is not an easy task. A lot of people are involved and there are usually multiple hardware and software platforms to deal with. This applies when looking internally, and is compounded when you also start looking at integration, compatibility, and interoperability with systems and hardware outside of your organisation.

Streamlined Communications has the technical knowledge and skills, and enterprise levels of support, to deliver a solution in your organisation that works. We take the financial, operational, and technical headaches away from implementing an audio and video conferencing platform. What you are left with is a unified communication solution that works on all devices and platforms.

Your staff will be trained and supported throughout the implementation process and beyond. Our flexible pricing plans will be welcomed by your accounting department, and your organisation will be able to start realising the benefits and productivity improvements of high quality audio and high definition video that works – every time, all the time, anywhere, and on any device.

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