• Adobe Captivate Prime LMSMarket leading web conferencing solution that enables improved collaboration through exceptionally rich interactions

With Adobe Captivate Prime you can train employees, partners and customers effectively with a next-gen LMS that delivers an elevated learning experience.
Experience a world-class enterprise LMS from Adobe that is:

  • Recognised by leading analysts and industry bodies
  • Awarded for excellence across multiple categories
  • Adopted by leading corporations around the world
  • Used by millions of engaged learners

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS and Streamlined Communications

Streamlined Communications is an approved technology partner of Adobe. We have extensive experience of implementing and optimising Adobe Captivate Prime LMS in businesses operating in a range of different industries. This includes SMEs up to international corporations. We handle all of the heavy lifting so that you can simply start hosting your meetings or web conference events, confident in the knowledge that the solution will work, and will deliver high quality audio and video across all devices.

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS Features:

AI-based Social Learning

  • Provide an AI-based Social Learning platform for your learners to share their expertise with peers in an informal manner and encourage a collaborative learning culture.

Extended Enterprise & Partner Training

  • Manage end-to-end training effectively across the value chain by extending your learning programmes to your customers and partners.

Employee Skill Development

  • Keep your organisation ahead of its competition by continuously reducing employee skill gaps. Align skills to business objectives and assign skill-based learning plans to employee cohorts.

Sales Enablement

  • Deliver training at the point of need, across devices, for your sales & customer facing teams to maximise productivity.

Customer Education

  • Deliver customer trainings with a personalised experience using customised URLs. Take advantage of Social Learning to allow peers to share and learn from each other.

Compliance Training

  • An enterprise LMS that is easy to set up and allows you to scale as you grow. Keep learners compliant and stay audit-ready with multi-dimensional report suites at your fingertips.

How We Can Help

Streamlined Communications is your Adobe Captivate Prime LMS partner. We will spend time with you, getting an understanding of your business needs. We will then tailor the Adobe Connect platform to meet those needs, integrate it with your current systems and processes, and optimise it for quality and functionality. We will then provide ongoing support from expert technicians and engineers so that you can get on with running your business.

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