• Audio ConferencingAt Streamlined Communications, we take the hassle out of audio conferencing

At Streamlined Communications, we take the hassle out of audio conferencing. We can give you a solution that works – the first time, every time, with crystal clear, high quality audio. Compatibility issues, geographical restrictions, and audio quality limitations are things you should not have to put up with any longer. The technology exists to solve these problems – you just need us to be your implementation partner.

The relationship that we will form with your business will be a true partnership. We will develop a custom solution that meets your specific needs, whether that involves participants in audio conference calls across towns or on different continents. We have the solution whether you need three people on the call or dozens. We will work within your budget and will give you an audio conferencing solution that you can depend on.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Enterprise level solutions
  • Seamless integration of hardware and software – it doesn’t matter what device, platform, or system that participants use, they can join your audio conference call without compatibility issues
  • Free mobile apps to make connections even easier
  • Dial in or dial out to join
  • Participants can be at any location – all they need is access to a phone or VoIP
  • Local phone number access anywhere in the world
  • Highly secure

Our solution delivers hybrid audio, which means the participants in your audio conferencing call can use any system or any device including landline phones, mobile phones, tablets, or computers.

We make audio conferencing work so you can get on with what is important – making your conversations, meetings, collaborations, and training sessions as productive as possible.

Find out more about our audio conferencing solutions today.

Skype for Business Audio integration

At Streamlined Communications, we can take your audio conferencing capabilities to another level by integrating our enterprise audio conferencing solutions with the extensive user base of Skype and the features of Skype for Business. We are a certified Microsoft partner and we have the skills and experience to make this integration happen, giving you an audio conferencing solution that covers all the bases… Learn more >

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