• Skype for Business Audio integrationHybrid audio conferencing that fully integrates with Skype for Business Online

At Streamlined Communications, we can take your audio conferencing capabilities to another level by integrating our enterprise audio conferencing solutions with the extensive user base of Skype and the features of Skype for Business. We are a certified Microsoft partner and we have the skills and experience to make this integration happen, giving you an audio conferencing solution that covers all the bases.

What exactly does that mean though? Firstly, with our Skype for Business audio integration solution you will get the benefits of our audio conferencing capabilities and features. This includes superior quality audio, multi-device access, dial in or dial out functionality, local telephone numbers, integration with your current IT, and our training and adoption programme. You also get all the benefits of Skype for Business. This means your users and call participants can use a system that they are familiar with since Skype is widely used around the world both for personal and business calls. You also get the additional benefits of the Skype for Business platform, such as enterprise levels of security, control, and compliance.

How Your Business Will Benefit:

  • Superior audio – All participants on your audio conference calls will receive crystal clear audio, which improves meeting productivity and enhances the user experience
  • Ability to handle large meetings – Up to 300 people can be involved in an audio conference call at any one time. That is an important feature, but equally important is the fact that none of them will experience any degradation of call quality, regardless of how many participants there are.
  • Connection flexibility – Participants can get involved in the call through VoIP or a standard phone line. Dial in and dial out functionality is supported, and the solution can be configured to work inside and outside of firewalls.
  • Control – The host of your audio conference meeting has access to a number of controls to improve the efficiency and user experience of each meeting.
  • Global – Connect with anyone, anywhere.
  • Get up and running fast – Our integrated solution runs on the standard Skype for Business interface, so there will be no additional training or learning curve for your team to go through.

Audio Conferencing That Works For Your Business

At Streamlined Communications we can make audio conferencing work seamlessly because of the global infrastructure we have access to, the custom solutions we can develop for your business, and our close partnership with Microsoft that enables us to integrate Skype for Business.

We understand the needs of businesses too, from SMEs who operate globally to large, international corporations. We understand the frustrations and difficulties that audio conferencing can present. With our Skype for Business audio integration solution, we have the answer. We have developed a solution through integrating the best that Microsoft has to offer with our enterprise level audio conferencing features that will eliminate frustrations, overcome difficulties, improve productivity, and give you a greater return on investment.

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