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Streamlined Communication’s event services will help you to take your audio conferencing, video conferencing, webinars, and web events to the next level. You will get personal support in creating your event, and participants will get live support from trained operators. This will help them to access the event, join, and participate.


Your users and the participants in your event will have a smooth and hassle-free technical experience, but there are other benefits to your business as well. Having your event managed demonstrates professionalism and helps to build trust and confidence in your brand. It also saves you time as our event operators will deal with queries that you would otherwise have to handle. This will make your event more efficient, which will further improve the experience of your participants, and your return on investment.

What We Offer

  • Unified communication solutions, i.e. solutions that work on all platforms and devices
  • Operator assisted audio conferences, video conferences, webinars, and webcasts
  • Professional operators to represent your brand
  • Assistance for you before the event so that it is set up properly
  • Live assistance for participants before and during the event

Event services option

When you run an event, you want it to go smoothly. You don’t want to be distracted with technical or administrative issues, but you do want the participants to have a good experience so they can get as much from the event as possible. Streamlined Communication’s event services will help you achieve this…. Learn more >

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Flexible And Professional

Our event services are ideal for a number of situations, including sales presentations with key clients, investor presentations, product launches, HR applications (training, induction programmes, etc.), legal meetings, and more.

We have key partnerships with technology providers so you will get a platform that will work anywhere in the world, at any time of the day, and on any device. Plus, we will provide trained and experienced technicians, engineers, and operators to ensure the event is as professional and successful as possible.

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