• Video ConferencingSeamless, easy to use cloud based video conferencing as a Service that works across all devices

Modern video conferencing solutions give you the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, and at any time. It is a technology that has been democratised and made more open. The devices that your video conference participants want to use, and the software they have on those devices, are now both irrelevant. When you want to connect, you simply connect.

Interoperable And Scalable

For many years video conferencing was the preserve of a few. It required special rooms, equipment, and software at all sides of the call, so it was usually only used by senior executives and directors for top-level meetings. The solutions that we offer at Streamlined Communications are much more suitable to businesses today. Our systems can be deployed across your whole organisation. We can build you video conferencing rooms for special events but we can equally set up systems that allow you to host and participate in video conferencing calls using a mobile phone. People can connect on different devices, and our solutions are scalable, so they can grow with your business.

How Streamlined Communications Can Help You

  • Set up, tailor, and optimise solutions for your organisation quickly and easily
  • High quality video and audio
  • Connect, communicate and collaborate with as many people as you need
  • Ability to share your screen (or parts of your screen) with participants
  • Powerful features such as the ability to record the video conference, chat functionality, and analytics

Jamvee powered by Acano

Our affordable video conferencing solutions bring together four of the biggest names in the technology industry to deliver a reliable, scalable, and customised solution for your business. This includes Tata Communications, the company behind the Jamvee Unified Conferencing Solution… Learn more >

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Enterprise Level Solutions And Support

At Streamlined Communications we deliver enterprise level solutions, whatever the size of your business. That means using technology partners such as Cisco and Acano. We also offer enterprise levels of support so that you always have experts on hand whenever you need them.

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