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Did you know you can hold real-time meetings, seminars, training sessions, webinars, conferences, product demonstrations, technical support calls, and more with anyone, anywhere in the world, regardless of device, software, or communications platform? This is what we deliver at Streamlined Communications with our web conferencing solutions.

Multiple users can join your conference sessions simply by accessing a secure URL through their web browser. It is on the web, so they will need an Internet connection, but they can use any browser and any device, including mobile, desktop, or tablet.

We are all about delivering seamless, device-agnostic audio and video conferencing solutions. We believe technology should facilitate your business, not get in the way of it, so our web conferencing solution will simply work. It really is as straightforward as that:

  • Collaborate with dozens of participants, all connected to the conference on their own devices through their web browsers
  • Broadcast and receive HD video and crystal clear audio
  • Chat facilities to improve in-conference communication
  • Easy-to-use design and set-up with intuitive features
  • Seamlessly integrates with any existing system you have installed
  • Conduct web conferences from your office or on the go via your mobile

We can save you money by removing the technical barriers that prevent you from getting the most from web conferencing. Distances become irrelevant, and travel costs are unnecessary, as you can meet, see, and do without leaving your office, and without anyone visiting you.

Every business is different, so we will develop a custom solution that meets the needs of your organisation. With any solution that we offer you will save money while the productivity of your business improves.

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Cisco webex solution

Cisco’s WebEx Solution allows you to have online meetings with anyone, anywhere. You can use any device, the participants in your meeting can use any device, and everything is backed up with Cisco’s renowned reliability and solid security. It works instantly, and you can share anything on your screen with participants. It sounds good, doesn’t it? But how do you properly implement Cisco’s WebEx and optimise it with your existing systems?… Learn more >

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Adobe Connect

With Adobe Connect you can connect, communicate, and collaborate with people instantly and on any device. You can host, present, or participate in meetings. You can also use Adobe Connect to conduct webinars, or run remote training sessions and virtual classrooms. It is a secure solution that conforms to common internet standards so it works on all platforms. It was also designed to be both flexible and scalable so you can adapt it to your business today, and then expand it as your business grows..Learn more >

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Webinars vs. Webcasts: Is there a difference?

The terms webcast and webinar are often used interchangeably. They are examples of the ever-growing list of web and tech-related jargon terms that people often confuse. Understanding the difference is important, though…Learn more >

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