• Cisco WebExA complete solution for strategic collaboration

Cisco's WebEx Solution allows you to have online meetings with anyone, anywhere. You can use any device, the participants in your meeting can use any device, and everything is backed up with Cisco's renowned reliability and solid security. It works instantly, and you can share anything on your screen with participants. It sounds good, doesn't it? But how do you properly implement Cisco's WebEx and optimise it with your existing systems?

Streamlined Communications and Cisco

That's where Streamlined Communications comes in. We are a unified communications specialist as well as being a Cisco partner, so we can implement WebEx in your organisation in a way that is cost-effective, hassle-free, and efficient. We will get you up and running quickly so you can realise the benefits of online meetings powered by a solution that was developed by one of the leading communication system manufacturers in the world.

Cisco WebEx's Features

  • Works on mobile, tablet, and computer
  • Free mobile app
  • Easily start and join online meetings
  • Participants can join by web, VoIP or by phone
  • Face-to-face collaboration with videos of multiple participants
  • Videos are in high definition
  • View videos in full screen, two videos in split screen, or up to seven video feeds
  • Adjust the size of videos to suit your screen
  • Crystal clear, HD audio
  • Share anything on your screen - share your whole screen or just certain applications, keeping the rest private
  • Mark-up tools
  • Whiteboard facility
  • Share the role of presenter among multiple participants
  • Record everything in the meeting - including video feeds, whiteboards, and shared screens
  • Join a meeting by receiving a call - with no dial-in, it is free to join
  • Plugins that you can add to expand and customise the functionality such as calendar integrations that enable the sending of meeting invitations
Going mobile? WebEx makes it easy to set up an online meeting no matter where you happen to be,
making the ability to connect with others a simple process.

Collaboration Features

  • Full Screen
    Video Conferencing

  • Multiple Feed or Side by
    Side Screen Showing Modes

  • Switching Presenters

  • Share

  • Share Desktop

  • Merge Documents

  • Utilize a Virtual
    White Board

  • Record Meetings for
    Later Playback

  • Organize and/or
    Join Ongoing Meetings

With every new technology comes security concerns. WebEx utilizes multilayer tenet security validated by
rigorous indicated audits, including SSAE-16 and ISO 27001.

Benefits To Your Business

With Cisco WebEx you can improve the productivity of your business, manage staff, conduct training sessions, present your products to potential new clients, meet with investors, shareholders or directors, and much more. You can do all of this through high quality audio and video feeds in a way that simply works. You can forget about the hardware or the software being used by you or anyone participating in the meeting, as WebEx works seamlessly.

What We Do

Streamlined Communications is your Cisco WebEx partner. We have a strong and long-standing relationship with Cisco, and we have extensive experience in installing, setting up, configuring, and optimising WebEx so that you can get as much from the system as possible. We deliver cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business, and we offer a level of customer support that is unrivalled in the industry. We develop relationships for the long term, which is why we only use the best technical solutions – such as Cisco WebEx – and why we prioritise business and technical support.

The Future Of Online Meetings

The Cisco WebEx solution, delivered and optimised by Streamlined Communications, will take your online meeting capabilities to a new level, making them fit-for-purpose in an age in which device choice shouldn’t matter, and technology seamlessly integrates. We can make that happen.

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