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Streamlined Communications is a trusted technology partner for some of the world’s largest and most respected technology companies involved in video conferencing, audio conferencing, and communications. This includes Tata Communications, Cisco, Adobe, Microsoft, and ON24.

We have long-standing and solid relationships with these organisations. This means we have deep knowledge of their products, access to APIs, and enterprise levels of support. Our engineers and technicians are fully trained, and receive regular updates on that training when new product versions, enhancements, or modifications are released.

What This Means For You

Streamlined Communications’ technology partners present you with a unique opportunity to enhance communications in your business, reduce costs, and improve productivity. As we are not restricted to one solution or a single provider, we can ensure you get the right system for your needs. This includes offering integrated solutions that enhance off-the-shelf platforms. Examples include our Skype for Business Audio integration, and Skype For Business integration with Acano/Jamvee. We can customise, integrate, and adapt the options to fit your budget and business objectives, and we can build in scalability so the solution will continue to be fit for purpose as your business grows.

You also get the benefit of our expert knowledge. Our technicians and engineers are experienced not only in implementing solutions in businesses like yours, but also in offering support that makes the solutions work.

We offer our solutions as a service so you benefit from the features available in leading technology platforms combined with ongoing support, personal customer service, and flexible pricing plans.

Companies such as Tata Communications, Cisco, Adobe, Microsoft, and ON24 have developed platforms and solutions that have the ability to change communication and collaboration forever. Streamlined communication makes it happen.

Tata Communications, Cisco, Adobe, Microsoft, ON24

Streamlined Communications has partnered with the world’s leading technology providers so that we can bring you comprehensive, customisable, and flexible audio, video and web conferencing solutions…. Learn more >

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