• Training and adoptionWe’re experts in developing user adoption methodologies that help your business forward.

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries trust Streamlined Communications to provide their audio conferencing, video conferencing, webcasting, and webinar needs. This includes small businesses that work in global marketplaces, up to international corporations. Why do these businesses trust us, and why should you trust us? They trust us because we deliver UCaaS. That stands for Unified Communications as a Service. A crucial part of that service is our training and adoption procedures.

These procedures will ensure you get a solution that is customised for your business. This also ensures the solution is implemented quickly and efficiently, and that all users get the right amount of training and support.

How We Do It

  • Assessment and consultation – we firstly get an understanding of your business and objectives. We also identify the users that you want to have access to the platform, and develop a launch project with POC.
  • Communication strategy – this part of the plan is about making the users identified in the first stage aware of the new platform that is being introduced. We outline the benefits of the system, and how it will impact and improve on their duties and responsibilities. We also define the communication materials and the rollout timeline at this stage.
  • Content development – in this stage of the training and adoption plan we identify and implement customisations for your business. This can include a training registration page. We also finalise the training schedule.
  • Go live – we implement the training schedule, conducting sessions with all of your users
  • Measure and review – we provide further support post-launch. This includes providing reports on registrations and participants, analysing training session engagement levels, and offering recommendations on the next steps.

Comprehensive Training And Support

The objective of our training and adoption programme is to make sure the solution is fully adopted by your team. We do this by giving them the skills, confidence, resources, and practical support that they need. This saves your business money, improves productivity, and gives you an enhanced return on investment.

We will support your business every step of the way with professional project managers, effective trainers, and expert support staff. Call today to find out more.

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