• Unified CommunicationsEnabling communication, collaboration, and meetings using any method on any device.

Unified communications is a term that describes processes and technical solutions that integrate methods of communication. When these forms of communications are integrated instead of independent, your business becomes more productive. Your team will find it easier to collaborate and communicate, you will be able to reach wider audiences, and you will save money.

Two main features are crucial for all unified communications solutions:

  • Seamless integration of real-time communication (such as phone calls, video conferencing, and chat) with non-real-time communication (such as voicemail, email, and SMS messages)
  • The solution must work on any device, allowing people to use a device of their choice, and to switch between devices whenever they need to

What Streamlined Communications Can Do

Streamlined Communications delivers unified communications as a service. This means we work with the world’s leading platform developers to deliver customised, flexible, fit-for-purpose solutions. We are partners with companies such as Tata, Cisco, and Microsoft, so the solutions that we offer are feature-rich and scalable.

Our service includes the hassle-free deployment of your solution, training, and ongoing support. This means we first work with you to get an understanding of your business needs and objectives. We work within your budget to develop a solution, utilising our partnerships, experience, and relationships in the industry. We then deploy that solution in your organisation, optimising it and carrying out any integration that you require. Finally, we offer enterprise levels of support which includes comprehensive training, ongoing support, and quickly deployed enhancements so that your solution always stays at the cutting edge.


Jamvee powers unified communications. It enables communication, collaboration, and meetings using any method and on any device. Real-time communications are integrated with non-real-time communications, and people can connect and work together anywhere in the world without the need for software or downloads… Learn more >

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Skype for Business Integration

Skype is one of the most widely used VoIP and video call services in the world. It is used for personal communications, and for businesses, with most of its users accessing the service for free. This is one of the things that makes Skype for Business such a popular tool – people are familiar with it, so the learning curve is low, and users have high levels of confidence…Learn more >

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Unified communication solutions can take your business to another level, improve productivity, promote your brand, reach new clients, and help you manage your staff. Find out more today.

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