• UCAAS Cisco powered JAMVEE™ Unified ConferencingEnable seamless video conferencing interoperability across a complete range of devices

UCAAS Cisco powered Jamvee Unified Conferencing powers unified communications. It enables communication, collaboration, and meetings using any method and on any device. Real-time communications are integrated with non-real-time communications, and people can connect and work together anywhere in the world without the need for software or downloads. The system delivers everything from video conferencing and audio conferencing to chat and email.

Streamlined Communications – Your Trusted Jamvee Partner

Streamlined Communications is a trusted unified communications deployment and support specialist. We work with businesses and organisations in all industries, including SMEs and multi-national corporations. Our partnership with Cisco-owned Acano means we can offer the full suite of Jamvee services. Everything is hosted in the cloud to keep the cost of deployment and management low. Cloud delivery also ensures the widest possible reach for your communications. For example, if you want to host a video conference call with participants on the other side of the world, you simply send them a link which they open in their browser. They don’t have to download or install any software. Keeping connections and usability simple like this ensures maximum involvement and the best possible returns on investment.

Jamvee Powered By Acano – The Benefits

  • Connect with anyone, anywhere, and at anytime
  • The system is device agnostic so users can participate, engage, and collaborate using any device, including computers, laptops, tablets, video meeting room systems and mobiles
  • Easy connection through a web browser
  • High definition video and crystal clear audio
  • Users can join audio conferencing calls with any phone – no special software, hardware, applications, user accounts, or subscriptions are required
  • Includes a range of communication and collaboration tools to enhance the user experience, including messaging and live chat
  • Record options so you can republish or archive your meetings and events
  • Operates in the cloud so is hassle-free and can be accessed from anywhere
  • Presentation and business tools including the ability to share your screen so that users can see what you see
  • Highly secure with infrastructure supported by Cisco and Tata Communications
  • Reliable and dependable, so it won’t let you down
  • Flexible and customisable to the needs of your business
  • Scalable so it can grow and expand alongside your business

With our Jamvee solution, powered by Acano, your business or organisation can realise all of the benefits of unified communications. Distance and technical barriers will become a thing of the past as communication is conducted over the internet, and the system can be used with any device.

You will save money through lower travel expenses, cheaper call and video conferencing costs, saved resources and time, improved productivity, and because there are no upfront fees or capital expenditure requirements.

Plus, your teams and overall operation will become more efficient. Your employees, investors, shareholders, customers, and suppliers will be using a system that they trust and find intuitive. This promotes further use and deeper integration in your business, which will give you better returns on investment.

Streamlined Communications can help you achieve this. We deliver the highest quality levels of customer service and support so that you get a customised solution designed for your needs, and all of the help you need to make it work. Jamvee and Acano provide the platform, while Streamlined Communications provides the implementation, training, and support services.

Together we can make your business stronger – find out more today.

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