• Skype for Business IntegrationEasily integrate your existing Skype for Business with other desktop and mobile clients and industry-standard video conferencing endpoints

Skype is one of the most widely used VoIP and video call services in the world. It is used for personal communications, and for businesses, with most of its users accessing the service for free. This is one of the things that makes Skype for Business such a popular tool – people are familiar with it, so the learning curve is low, and users have high levels of confidence. Skype for Business has its limitations, though.

One of the main challenges that businesses like yours face is connecting your Skype for Business users with non-users. This is one of the main areas in which the Streamlined Communications Skype for Business Integration solution can help your business. We deal with this complex problem by integrating Skype for Business with Jamvee/Acano to create gateways and audio-bridging solutions that enable you to connect with anyone, anywhere. The solution connects video endpoints to your Skype for Business system to a level that no other solution can match.

Extending Skype Through Interoperability Without Limitations

Here is how your business can benefit from this enterprise level solution:

  • Skype for Business – people on your team who are already familiar with Skype will continue to use this platform. In addition, participants on video or audio conferencing calls will be able to use their standard Skype application
  • Acano and Jamvee – Acano and Jamvee supercharge your existing Skype for Business or Microsoft Lync 2010/2013 deployments. You will get extended functionality and expanded communication possibilities, with essential business features that increase productivity and enhance the user experience
  • Streamlined Communications – we are your hands-on partner, tailoring the solution to fit your specific needs, implementing the solution, training your team so you get the most out of it, and providing ongoing support


You get all the benefits of Skype for Business that you currently enjoy:

  • Instant messaging, including the ability to transfer files
  • High definition video and crystal clear audio when connecting with other Skype for Business users
  • Group video and audio calling with up to 250 participants
  • Integration with Microsoft Office, including scheduling meetings in Outlook
  • Meetings can be joined through a web browser (anonymously or with a log-in)
  • Share your screen – the whole desktop or specified applications
  • Whiteboard functionality for presenters
  • Remotely control the desktops of other users
  • Recording functionality
  • Persistent chat
  • Dial-in audio conferencing
  • Enterprise voice functionality

In addition, you will get all of the benefits of Jamvee powered by Acano:

  • Users outside of Skype for Business supported systems and platforms can connect to your audio and video conference calls
  • No downloads or plugins are required
  • Two-way content sharing
  • Shared presence and chat functionality – communicate, set up teams, monitor teams, and manage teams
  • Multi-device support with high quality audio and video
  • Integration of messaging systems
  • Interoperable with video meeting rooms, teleconferencing systems, consumer Skype accounts, and web-standard video systems
  • Additional host and participant controls
  • The fast, secure, and reliable infrastructure of Tata Communications

Working With Us

The service that we provide at Streamlined Communications enables you to turn Skype for Business into a unified communications solution. With our help your business will become more connected and productive. Technical issues, device compatibility problems, and difficulties with platform integrations will be things of the past. Instead, you will have a solution that offers Microsoft’s enterprise levels of security and familiarity along with Jamvee and Acano features. Everything is supported by our professional team.

Putting in place a truly unified communications solution in your business is possible with our Skype for Business integration solution. Find out more today.

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