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A crucial part of all video conferencing solutions is the video endpoint. This is the equipment that lets you capture the video, and often the audio, that is broadcast through your video meeting room system, webcast, or webinar. It often also includes other equipment, such as screens so you can see the participants in your video conferences.

Streamlined Communications has wide experience in all types of video solutions, from mobile options through to custom-built video meeting rooms that cater for large groups of people. We have partnerships and relationships with all of the leading manufacturers, so we can help you decide on the best solution for your business, implement the solution, and then offer you comprehensive management and support.

Video Endpoints

  • Mobility – standard webcams, such as those built-in on most modern laptops, are okay for personal applications, but are often not suitable for business. We offer high definition webcams that work with a range of devices to bring mobile video conferencing in your business to another level.
  • Group rooms – huddle rooms are designed for the way in which businesses work today, enabling users to connect professionally to board room conference systems without needing to make a large investment. Desktop solutions are also available.
  • Conferencing rooms – if you want something more professional and permanent in your office, we can help you build a conferencing room with connectivity, HD cameras, and screens. Both large and small options are available.

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